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      Lee Harvey

      I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gino for too many years to count. He has always been a trusted business partner that can be relied on, and a good friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust him to deliver the most critical work.

      Mr. Lee Harvey
      President, Lee Harvey Consulting
      Former Deputy PEO-EIS
      Honorary Co-Chairman, America’s Adopt a Soldier

      James Fuller

      Spear has proven time and again that they have the right people with the right skills to support the unique needs of federal agencies. Whether you need IT support, staff augmentation, or require a specific consulting expertise, Spear has proven it will deliver.

      James Fuller
      Former Chief of Staff, Transportation Security Administration

      Gregory W. McIntyre

      mLINQS has worked with Rich for a decade, and I have known him for over 15 years. I am sure he and Spear, Inc. will be successful in this venture as he has always guaranteed his customers top quality service and he has a proven track record of being true to his word when dealing with business partners.

      Mr. Gregory W. McIntyre
      President, mLinqs

      Mary Fuller

      I have worked with Gino Antonelli, COO of Spear, Inc. for over 12 years both as a customer (US Army) and business colleague. Mr. Antonelli is customer focused with a personality and leadership style that is creative, resourceful and visionary. He is an IT professional who continually strives to provide high value solutions. He gets to know his customers, gains an understanding of their requirements and puts ideas into practice by building teams, developing solutions and implementing innovative technologies. I would highly recommend Mr. Antonelli and Spear, Inc. to be your professional services provider.

      Colonel Mary Fuller, USA Retired
      President, Mary Fuller & Associates

      Roger Scearce

      I am very excited that Richard has chosen to now become a ‘business entrepreneur’ as a founder of Spear, Inc. I have known ‘RP’ for well over ten years now – not only as a close personal friend, but also as a business client and colleague. This guy delivers; he is a winner in every respect – an outstanding and caring leader, a trusted business advisor, a standard setter and a truly savvy negotiator. My coaching to all small businesses currently in the DoD and Federal space is: ‘Heads up! A standout player is now emerging!

      Brigadier General Roger W. Scearce, USA Retired
      Senior Partner, Vanguard Advisors, LLC