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      Spear Join CALIBRE
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      SPEAR, A CALIBRE Company delivers excellence in IT solutions and professional?services for our business partners and federal agency clients. The company’s performance-driven approach reflects the agility, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of our employee-owners and the extensive industry experience of our leadership team.

      The foundation of our solutions is our employees who are committed to delivering client success by supporting their mission critical Information Technology infrastructure. Whether as a partner to a “prime” or serving directly a federal government client, our sales and operations leaders carefully select the best portfolio of talent, products, and solutions to accomplish our mission.


      Spear has proven time and again that they have the right people with the right skills to support the unique needs of federal agencies. Whether you need IT support, staff augmentation, or require a specific consulting expertise, Spear has proven it will deliver.

      James Fuller
      Former Chief of Staff, Transportation Security Administration

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