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      Beth B. McCall

      Beth B. McCall

      Senior Vice President

      Federal Civilian

      Beth McCall is the Senior Vice President, Federal Civilian of Spear,Inc., responsible for building and delivering high-value solutions to the federal civilian marketplace. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Beth is a seasoned, innovative executive with an expert understanding of the federal IT community. Specializing in evolving and leading accelerated?sales and business development organizations, her responsibilities have included all aspects of the sales cycle.?Beth excels at strategic capture & alliances, management of sales execution, competitive market & financial analysis and pricing strategy.

      Prior to Spear, Inc., Beth served as the Vice President, Federal Civilian at Intelligent Decisions for seven years. Beth established and managed the infrastructure and team of high-performance contributors resulting in successful, rapid growth of the federal civilian market.?She strategically grew sales in the designated customer segment through a diversified product and services portfolio, innovative solution bundling, and strong human capital acquisition and management. Additionally, Beth served as the Director of Federal Sales for Telos Corporation, effectively growing the green field federal civilian market. She leveraged her in-depth knowledge of the federal civilian cyber security market to ensure security software product lines were accurately tailored and successfully launched to the federal civilian market.

      Beth earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh.?Beth is an active member in GTRA, ACT/IAC and countless other industry associations.